22 March 2013


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09 November 2012

Republic of Pie + Anthology

Was craving a salad, so I got one... that came with Eggs Benedict on the side.  Catching up on reading at the lovely Republic of Pie in North Hollywood.

07 November 2012

Vintage Car in Chinatown

On set in Chinatown.

05 November 2012

Neon Open

Waiting at a computer fix-it shop...

02 November 2012

Bachelor Pad

C lives with three other guys in a magical house where undone chores are rewarded.

30 October 2012

Toluca Lake Pumpkin Patch IV

Considerately cleaning the ones we adopted.  One went to H's kindergarten class, and one went to C's bachelor pad.  So adorable!

28 October 2012

Toluca Lake Pumpkin Patch III

Baby pumpkins.  Conversely, I am a giant.

25 October 2012

Toluca Lake Pumpkin Patch II

Smokey Grey pumpkins?  So photogenic.

22 October 2012

Toluca Lake Pumpkin Patch I

Ginormous gourds at the Toluca Lake Pumpkin Patch.  First of a slew of pictures... H had a blast.

18 October 2012


After finishing a photo shoot, grubbed on burgers and IPAs with friends at Mohawk Bend in Silverlake.  Happenstanced on this window display nearby on Sunset.  Awesome mannequin poses.